Saturday, 15 April 2017

FREE Business Consulting Services in Singapore!

There are both advantages and disadvantages in starting a new business from scratch:


* Lower start-up costs - Depending on the type of business you start, costs may be lower than a franchise where there is no up-front purchasing fee or supply costs

* Independence - You make all decisions and create all business systems

* Site selection - You choose where to locate your business and what marketing procedures to follow

* No baggage - There is no history to overcome when you start a new venture


* High commitment - Starting your own business requires a higher commitment of time and energy

* High risk - Success depends totally on you and your business talents

* Delayed profitability - Where the market may not already be established, it may take longer to become profitable

* Limited financing - Financing for a new business is more difficult to obtain.

Ever have a business idea but do not have the funds or know how to start up a business? Or do not know whether your business idea will generate the returns that you desire? P&G Business Consulting is able to provide you with FREE initial assessment of the viability of your business venture before you commit yourself to set up your own business.

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